No Pressure Cookware™

Ecological Footprint

The current estimated ecological footprint of human demands on the Earth's ecosystems is unsustainable, the earth’s capacity to regenerate what the human population consumes is sadly lacking. Figures published in 2006 show that we are consuming 40% more resources than the earth can regenerate, while soon to be released updates are expected to show that gap widening; world population estimates for 2055 are forecast to rise to 10 billion people. If humanity continues to consume the world’s natural resources at its current rate, we face an ecological disaster of global proportions.

Commercialism has created a throwaway society; products are built with planned obsolescence in mind rather than longevity, reparability or sustainability, exacerbating the depletion of the world’s natural resources. Far too many products produced are fads or gimmicks which do not improve the quality of life for purchaser’s one iota; they are produced as cheaply as is humanly possible, with inferior designs and materials and have a lifespan of no more than a few months, invariably ending up on our bourgeoning land fill sites. Public perception of the earth’s ecological systems and their sustainability, must undergo a fundamental change; they will have to become conscious of their own personal individual responsibility to purchase sustainable products that they truly need and not the schlock and garbage, that commercialism and advertising try to convince us we need; or governments in the future will have to force their populations to conserve through draconian legislation.

The product that has been conceived/invented is a staple, sustainable necessity, which virtually every individual on earth who cooks foodstuffs needs. Being made from robust stainless steel the product is virtually indestructible, even if used under the most severe circumstances (open fire), its useable lifespan can be measured in decades not months. I have designed the saucepan to be a cradle to cradle product, not just efficient but essentially waste free. On the proviso that it is economically feasible, we will endeavour to establish product manufacturing in individual market countries to minimize its carbon footprint. By localising manufacturing to the country of origin the carbon footprint of a newly manufactured saucepan delivered to the end user is rapidly offset by the outstanding efficiency benefits and natural resource savings; over its entire lifespan the contribution a single saucepan will make to the conservation of the worlds natural resources is quite astounding.

It is our profound hope that because of the obvious and demonstrable benefits the product elicits, users will become more aware of the basic concept of global ecological sustainability; We perceive this will be achieved with a variety of tailored initiatives.

Literature provided to purchasers of the product will provide information relative to the manufacturing ancestry of the item (Carbon footprint) and an extrapolated theoretical future history of the products life, demonstrating not only the personal savings (lower energy cost and time) but also the amount of natural resource (water) and food product (foodstuffs) which can be saved and conserved. This will proffer conclusive evidence that a single individual can make a difference to the world we live in, by simply purchasing only ecological and sustainable products which benefit, and not hinder mankind’s development.

The literature provided with the product will also encourage purchasers to recycle their old saucepans; as product sales gain momentum we envisage the development of a recycling trust, whereby the funds generated by recycling purchasers old cookware can be channelled into agricultural sustainability projects in developing nations; thus eliciting further ecological purchase from the initial sale of the product.

We firmly believe that there exists a real opportunity to create awareness and educate consumers with a simple everyday product they have been using every day of their adult lives. A saucepan is something we take for granted; we never question what it does, or how it does it. No pressure Cookware will change that perception. Having demonstrated the prototype on over two hundred occasions, the outcome is always the same, people find it extremely difficult to believe that it produces the results it does even though they have seen it with their own eyes; the one thing they all agreed with though, was they wanted one!

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